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A propos

I focus my activities and services in the area of Valbonne, Plascassier, Mougins, Grasse, Opio, Roquefort les Pins, and Biot and their immediate vicinity having lived and worked here for over 25 years and being thoroughly familiar with the real estate in the area as well as the challenges of buying, renovating, renting, and selling property. For special projects on request from our customers, we cover the Cote d’Azur from Monaco to Hyeres.  I started my activities in 2000, set up Cybele Ltd in 2007, and subsequently registered SARL Cybeles in 2011 to focus on villa renovation, reconstruction, and maintenance projects as well as consolidating our villa management and acquisition, rental, and sales consulting activities.

Over the past 5 years we have build up an extensive network of partners for renovation and maintenance projects ranging from architects and draftsmen to builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cabinet makers, painters, ironwork craftsmen, swimming pool builders, landscaping and gardening specialists, home automation experts, home theatre and audio / video systems specialists. We can count on our partners for large projects as well as quick intervention for emergency maintenance work and repairs.

I am constantly on the lookout for the latest building technology and decorating techniques and attended Maromac 2007 in Verona, the worlds biggest trade show for stone and marble, and EuroLuce 2011 in Milano, the worlds biggest trade show for lights and lighting technology. I have traveled to Turkey, Italy, and the Bourgogne in France to maintain direct relationships with our marble and stone quarry partners. I travel regularly to Germany and Italy to meet with manufacturers and distributors of bathroom and kitchen equipment and lighting as well as Europe’s top furniture designers.

In the 1990’s I was very active in art, colors, and creativity for a period of 10 years during which time I had extensive local contacts with artists and art galleries. Fortunately I was able to revive these activities 4 years ago and we have established an extensive partner network of artists, private art collectors, and galleries. To share our knowledge of art and our contacts in the art world we have created CybelesArt, an online art gallery.

Through SARL Cybeles and my partners I have created a one stop service through the entire cycle of acquiring, renovating, decorating, maintaining, renting, and selling property while maintaining the flexibility to assist in specific projects or services tailored to my customer’s needs.