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Cote d’Azur Villa Renovation and Design

We assist you in designing and renovating your interior from floor and wall finishing, materials and furniture, ironwork, to art and decoration. We advice on bathroom and kitchen design and source specialized fixtures throughout Europe.

In keeping with the Provençale and Mediterranean tradition, we work primarily with marble, travertine, and stone floors sourced directly from the quarries to provide our customer with the most cost effective solutions.

We work with several carpenters and cabinetmakers in the region to provide high quality custom doors, cabinets, bookshelves, wardrobes, dressing rooms, and tables that match the style and ambiance of the villa.  Our emphasis is on finishing textures and materials from stone to resin coated inlay techniques using a large variety of materials such as washed pebbles, lava stone, marble inlays, olive wood, drift wood, etc

We assist you in selecting your dream kitchen within your budget from the best French, German, Italian, and Spanish manufacturers. We combine style and design with functionality and practical layouts.

We source the latest bathroom technology, showers, taps, baths and finishing materials direct from the manufacturers or wholesale distributors. We work together with you to design and customize the bathroom solutions best fitted to your needs and lifestyle.

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